About Safe Haven Agency

Founded in 2007, Safe Haven Agency began providing services in Butler County and expanded to Hamilton County. Currently, Safe Haven Agency is providing services in Montgomery County and spreading to more counties in Ohio. In addition to developmental disabilities services, Safe Haven Agency has also expanded into the home healthcare sector with skilled nurses on staff. We provide services through supported living waivers, individual options waivers, and the level one waivers.

Safe Haven Agency assures families that their loved ones are well cared for and continue to live healthy and happy lives. We monitor our caregivers through one-on-one contact with our clients, telephone check-in, and home visits. We acknowledge the fact that each client is different, and we cater specifically to the diverse needs of every client. One of Safe Haven Agency’s goals is to make sure our clients feel comfortable and happy so they can live longer in the comfort of their own homes while still enjoying services provided by us.

Our Mission

At Safe Haven Agency, our mission is to love, care, and create a safe environment for all clients. With our highly trained and efficient staff, Safe Haven Agency is committed to providing clients with:

  • Quality service
  • Flexible staffing
  • Ethical business practices, and
  • 24 hour access to staff

Our Staff

Safe Haven Agency is made up of a dedicated team of caregivers who are happy to assist individuals with developmental disabilities, physical challenges, health needs, and in-home care. Before being hired, all employees have to endure an intense background screening that verifies everything, including the applicant’s name and his/her citizenship. Other information that is checked before hiring is criminal backgrounds, educational history, and employment references. Safe Haven Agency screens every applicant’s background to ensure our staff’s credibility, credentials, and reputation in caring for our clients.

Safe Have Agency also offers medication administration certification training classes for all staff and other individuals working with developmental disabilities.


Safe Haven Agency offers nonmedical transportation through per mile and per trip rates set by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. This is offered to our clients for recreational leisure activities, doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and other important errands.